Special Steel
 The customer can get the profit by OUTSOURCING the cutting process to us. We operate in 2 shifts ( day+night ) with the sophisticated process controling system. Our quality is managed by ISO standard. Our MOTTO is " To deliver the material of right item with right quantity on right time schedule.
 1. 2 shifts operation
We have been operating in 2 shifts more than 10 years. This can increase our cutting capacity and shorten the delivery time. We can deliver the small quantity with short delivery time to our customer by this operation.
 2. Cutting system
It is the most important to have a right material smoothly on the cutting machine after the order. We stock the steel bars of 3,000 tons in Cradle System and take the right material out of the stock using Bar Code and computor system only by ONE worker. We installl the latest carbide disc machines to realize the smooth cutting surface, the precise cutting length tolerance, the cutting weight control and so on. Afte the long experience of this business, we have established the most advanced cutting system.
 3. Quality
We qualified ISO9001 in 2005 and ISO14001 in 2007. We are improving not only the quality but the clean eivironnment.
 4. The customers don't need the steel stock !
We stock the steel which you need in our warehouse. We don't ask you its charge. All of your stock can be in our Cradle System.
 5. The type of cutting
We can cut for the application of machining, cold forging and others.
 6. Delivery
We always controling the stock situation by computor. In general we can deliver the material to the customer within 4 days. We can accept shorter delivery condition.
● Standard Stock Item
 Carbon Steel  S25C・S35C・S45C 
 Alloy Steel  SCM415・SCM435 
 Bearing Steel  SUJ2
 Micro Alloy Steel  we stock many diameters
 Stainless Steel  SUS304・SUS316 
 Cold Drawn Steel  SS-D・S45C-D