I have heard that long ago, Kameido was crowded with manufacturing industries, a place where the echoes of machines could be heard; where, at night, workers would gather downtown in gone-drink-barsh for a glass of sake. It has now been 74 years since we set up our headquarters in Kameido. With time and the wonderful support of our customers, we have been lucky enough to build a supply chain that involves processes stemming from special steel sales to cutting and processing, at our 5 sales offices in Yamagata, Niigata, Ibaraki, Urayasu and Kofu. This, too, has been possible thanks to our absolutely amazing customers that we have been blessed with. We are so appreciative.
In a time as rapidly-evolving as today, ga castle that took 3 years to build can come down in 3 days,h as the Japanese proverb goes. While incorporating the unchanging essence of our past work to our current work in a way that is aligns with the present era, we will continue to strive to firmly grasp the needs of our customers and develop together.

In the spirit of our companyfs motto, gCreate the Future with Stronger Trusth all of us as employees, will join forces to work for the companyfs development, and contribute to our local community. We are so excited to work with you all.


President & CEO

Yoshinori Miura