Processing by Machining Tools
Many cutomers are asking to supply the machined parts instead of the raw steel bars these days. We install many machines ( CNC Lathig Machines, Machining Centers and Grinding Machines etc ) in Yamagta, Kofu and Urayasu branches.
We subcontact the heat treatment process. We are now able to supply almost in finishing conditions. Our skill is improving and many of our cutomers are appreciating our effort.

Our customers are now checking the order only without considering the quality and the delivery.

 1. Quality
 No defect is out target. We inspect our product based on ISO9001 and try to get our target with out big effort.
 2. Machining Capacity
 We are expangind our maching capacity according to the request of our cutomers. We supply the simple cut bars, lathed products, ground products with heat treatment etc, according to the order. We are still introducing the latest machines. We think that this is the new trend of our business.
 3. Heat Treatment
 We have a good relationship with our heat treatment partner. We guarantee the quality, delivery by our long experience in it. The customer doesn't worry about it at all.
 4. The customer doesn't need own stock
 We stock the steel which you need in our warehouse. We don't ask you its charge. All of your stock can be in our Cradle System.
 5. Delivery
 We are always controling the stock situation by computor. In general we can deliver the products based on the cutomer's requirement. We can accept shorter delivery condition.