Yamagata Branch

We focus in Yamagata district and can delivery from only ONE piece.

We also have the latest CNC machines and can deliver the machined parts to our customers.

Many kind of speciality steel, machined parts and spline shafts

 We focus in Yamagata district supplying good service to our customers there.

Our policy is to prosper the business of our customer to gether with us.

We are struggling to improve the relationship with them to do better business.

The era is changing buit is not changed to have the life here sufficiently.
From yesterday to today, from today to tomorrow, we are repeating to improve our capacity for the world.
Our business is changing as well, from the bundle to cut bars, with short delivery time. We do chanferring, machining and others to reduce the cost of our customers. We hope that out customers can improve the cost by our activity with bigger profit.

Please contact us anytime neede. That is our biggest pleasure to serve them.

Manager, Yusuke Itoh

 We have open our branch in Tendo City, the home town of SHOGI, with 39 persons of the average 33 years old.

We can supply carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless stee, non ferrous, precision casting, sinter metal, machined parts and so on. Our range is so wide.
We have a good comminucation with other group of Yamata to supply our customers the timely information of our business. We try to supply the suitable , excellent material to our customers.

When you have a problem about cost, quality and function, please contact us anytime.

Sales Team, Yohei Henmi
Spline shaft

 We oproduce spline shafts by GROB method invented in Switzeerland.

We produce it in carbon steel, Alloy steel and stainless steel with the diameter from 8 mm to 100 mm.

The maximum length is 5,400mm.

Our main product is Square spline but we can produce involute spline and other special spline as well.

Please contact us when you need spline shafts.

Spline team, Hiroshi Takahashi