Kofu Branch

We have many kinds of machines, cutting machines, conventional lathing machines, CNC lathiing machines, Y-axis CNC machines, plainer etc


We can produce almost any kind of machining.

  We locate on the foot od Japan Southern Alps Mountains,with fresh air, clean water and nice nature.It takes only 90 minutes from Tokyo, where is very covenient to visit.

We distribute the steel bars and also supply the machined parts. Our member is limited but eager to promote us to our clients.

We have 5 teams in our branch:

no.1 Sales team - Carbon stel, aloy steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, tubes and etc.

no.2 Cutting team - diameter 10-400mm 4 cutting machines, 1 grinding cutting machine

no.3 Conventional lathing team - diameter 10-200 with the length 100-8,000mm

no.4 CHC lathing team - 6 CNC machines, we can machine the hard surface with HRC60

no.5 Plainer team - Holizontal flicing machines, a big plainer with maximum length 6,000mm

We can supply our products to our customers with the good quality, good delivery and the good cost as well.

We challenge everyday for TOMORROW.

When you have a subject to solve, please contact us. We can sincerely try to solve it.

We move to our site to Chuo-City having a brand new factility.

Manager, Toshio Takei
We were on TV 2007