Development Sales Group

We are dealing many kind of special steel grades such as Rare Earth Magnet, High Nickel Alloy, Memory Shape Alloy, Steel Powder and others.

We don't have them all in our stock but we can suppy them from local partner or from abroad parters to meet the requirement of out customers.

We also supply in many conditions not only the raw materials.

We are always looking for the best supplier from the world.

■Raw Materials
Carbon Steel(S25C、S35C、S45C)・・・ machine parts
Cr-Mo Alloy Steel(SCM415、SCM435)・・・ machine parts

Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy Steel(SNCM439、SNCM220)・・・ airplane, big machine, engine parts

Rare Earth Bond Magnet, Neogium Radial Ring Magnet, etc・・・ automoble, IT, electric parts
High Nickel Alloy(42Ni-ALLOY)・・・IC Lead frame
INCONEL・・・Airplane, turbine engine
Ni-Ti Alloy(KIOKALLOY)・・・medical,glassframe
Titanium・・・airplane, golf head
Others, tool steel, pipe, shock absorbing steel, rare metal, steel powder( SUS, Al), weelding bar etc
Machined parts, Hot forgengs, Cold Forgings, Iron Cast, Steel Cast, Sintered Parts( Steel,SUS,Al,Ti), Precision Castings, MIM, Welded parts etc

Our proposal to our customer

@.The selecion of the steel grade
A.The selection of the production method
B.The best oprion with the best price and the delivery in good condition.

 Based on the long history with the steel mills and the subcontractors, we can submit the best proposal to our customers. We have many experiences in many field on many kind of applications.Especially these days we are developing the new suppliers on abroad to satisfy the customer's requirement.

We have 60 years history with our customers. We will not survive without their support. We will struggle to supply the best material to our customers.

Shigeru Kawaguchi